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"Thanks to Friendly Global, getting insurance was the easiest part of planning my stay overseas."

Government Advised International Travel Insurance Coverage
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Types Of Global Coverage


International Health Insurance

Comprehensive health coverage for all medical expenses, including hospitalization, medications, surgeries, and preventive care.


Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Basic coverage for sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies, including accidents, injuries, and critical illnesses.


International Travel Insurance

Insurance for protection against unforeseen events during travel, such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and lost luggage.

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Insurance Expertise

With over 25+ years in the international travel insurance business, we are proud to share our knowledge in coverage offerings and recommend insurance companies we believe in.


Simplified Benefits Comparison

Our expert advisors focus on top-rated international travel insurance providers and compare their strengths and benefits to help you decide which provider is best for you.


Best Value Pricing

We offer top quality international travel insurance coverage options with the lowest possible prices, so you can find a plan that offers the coverage you need at a price point you can afford.


A Friendlier Experience

We know that shopping for international travel insurance isn’t an easy task, which is why we’ve made finding the right plan simple. Friendly Global doesn’t overwhelm you with too many questions or bombard you with information. Instead, we find reliable providers that we know offer solid coverage and follow reasonable pricing models. That way you can get a great deal on a plan that covers your needs.

Client Testimonials

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Caleb LeBlanc

As a digital nomad, I needed a global health insurance plan that traveled with me. Friendly global made finding the right plan fast and easy. I highly recommend them!

Madison Parker

Using Friendly Global’s online compare tool helped me find the cheapest insurance with the best coverage for our trip. They made it easy to compare plans and pick one.

Gerald Hughes

Amazing customer service! The agent I spoke to from Friendly Global helped us find an insurance plan for our move overseas, which was one less thing to stress about.

How We Get You Covered

We select international travel insurance companies that have a proven record in delivering benefits and paying your medical bills on time. We only ask for basic information to generate options and pricing relevant to you, then we connect you to buy the coverage you want. You can also use our shortcut “Get A Quote” button to simply get in touch with our specialist for personalized assistance.

Find Insurance Companies

We select international travel insurance companies with a proven record in providing reliable coverage.

Learn About You

We only ask for basic information to generate international travel insurance options and pricing relevant to you.

Compare Plans

We generate an easy comparison chart of top-rated international travel insurance providers and their coverage features.

Get Coverage

We connect you with the international travel insurance provider you have selected to get more information and buy your plan.


About Us

Friendly Global

Friendly Global is an unbiased health care and international travel insurance advisor that makes finding an international travel insurance plan simple. We help you find the right insurance plan, at the right price, for the right time and place.

We offer a variety of international travel insurance and international health insurance plans to meet the needs of individuals, companies, expatriates, embassies, IGOs, NGOs, groups, travelers, retirees, digital nomads, students, permanent missions to the UN, thrill-seekers, and anyone else going on adventures across the globe.

For over 25 years, we have used our expertise to seamlessly guide travelers through the often-intricate path of global health and travel insurance. Friendly Global works with established, top-rated insurance companies to offer travelers the best value options at the best prices–simplifying the process of selecting the right plan for you.

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Agents and Affiliates - Sell Travel Insurance and International Health Plans

If you would like to provide insurance referrals or sell international travel insurance, reach out to Friendly Global and someone will be in touch with you to discuss your goals within one business day.

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