Insurance For Global Nomads

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One of the best ways to explore the world, achieve your goals, and learn more about working and living abroad is by becoming a global nomad. It can be incredible living in another country; however, there are also a lot of preparations to make to ensure that you can move about freely and spend your time and money on the things that matter most to you.

International travel and health insurance is essential for any global nomad. In fact, many countries require proof of insurance before they will provide visitors with a visa.

You need to ensure that you are covered wherever you travel in the world. If you are traveling for more than a year, having a comprehensive international health and medical insurance policy is vital.

Insurance for global nomads should, at minimum, provide coverage for emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, repatriation, evacuation costs, and any other costs that you would not be able to comfortably pay while outside of your home country. Investing in good global health and travel insurance is one of the most important decisions any globetrotter can make.

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A Plan That Covers Your Needs

Having adequate global insurance gives peace of mind that no matter where you go or how long your travels last, you will always have a dependable source of support if something goes wrong.

The most important part of choosing insurance is finding a plan that covers your needs.

Do you have a pre-existing health condition? Make sure you choose an international health insurance plan that offers regular doctor visits, any prescription medication coverage you may need, and emergency care if you plan to stay abroad for a year or longer.

Are you taking short trips to many different countries? Consider investing in emergency medical travel insurance that can help you get the medical care you need in a pinch.

Headed on the vacation of a lifetime but worried about needing to cancel or move your trip? Get travel insurance to hedge against a cancellation or need to move back your travels to a later date.

When looking into insurance for global nomads, it’s important to make sure the policy covers all geographic areas you plan on visiting and that it meets your needs depending on how long your trips are likely to be.

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Affordable Coverage You Can Rely On

Affordable travel medical insurance is a must-have for any traveler. Insurance for global nomads provides coverage for unexpected medical expenses that you may incur while traveling abroad and can save you from costly and lengthy hospital stays or treatments at home.

That being said, we know that everyone has a different definition of what is affordable for them. A retiree who pays high health insurance premiums in a country with an expensive cost of living will have a completely different outlook on affordability when compared to a younger traveler who may only want the bare minimum coverage.

Despite what you may think, getting great international medical insurance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg–even for those with pre-existing medical conditions, large families, or high-risk countries on their travel itineraries.

Not only does affordable insurance provide an easy way to get the services you need in the event of an emergency, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can afford to stay healthy and protected from risk while away from home.

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Insurance for Long-Term Travels

Digital nomads, expats, and long-term travelers may travel outside of their home country from only a few weeks up to several years or more. Individuals who plan to live outside of their home country for over a year should get adequate insurance for global nomads to mitigate the risks that come with traveling frequently and undertaking new experiences outside of their comfort zone.

From trying new foods and taking new methods of traveling to being exposed to different illnesses, there are a lot of chances taken to try something you’ve never done or experienced before. That being said, new experiences in foreign countries can also result in unexpected medical expenses, travel delays, and issues that require additional out of pocket costs.

With the right foundation of coverage for health, medical, and travel, global nomads can feel secure knowing they are covered no matter what happens or how long they are outside of their home country.


Coverage for Every Country and Situation

As a global nomad, you may find yourself traveling from country to country every other week or settling down in one place for longer stretches of time. The beauty of allowing yourself to go anywhere is that you make the decisions on where to stay and how long you’ll be there.

When you’re getting your travel documents in order you may find that you need to get insurance in order to receive a visa for certain countries. For example, travel medical insurance is required to obtain Schengen Visa (comprising 27 European countries) but it must meet specific standards–including coverage of at least 30,000€.

Depending on where you are traveling, some policies may also require additional coverage for certain diseases or medical conditions. Be sure to read the policy thoroughly before buying, so you know what is and isn’t covered.

Insurance for global nomads is typically robust enough to cover any type of situation you may find yourself in, but certain countries may have more stringent requirements for insurance limits and maximums than others.

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Find a Plan with Friendly Global

Many different types of international insurance policies are available depending on your circumstances and budget. It can be an overwhelming task to sort through what kind of insurance you need, determine the levels of coverage available, and find companies that have a history of actually paying out claims.

Luckily, you don’t have to find a plan that covers your needs by yourself. Friendly Global has been in the international insurance industry for over two decades. We’ve traveled the world and the internet searching for the best international insurance companies and plans that offer peace of mind and great value.

One of the most important aspects of buying any kind of insurance is making sure to research all the options available to ensure you find a policy that best suits your needs. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider taking our quick online insurance quiz, or learning about the three most popular types of international insurance coverage.

Need even more help to find insurance for global nomads? Talk to one of our insurance experts to get personalized insurance advice.