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Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a student’s lifetime. From immersing oneself in new cultures, learning new languages, and meeting new people, to becoming a global traveler, there are a myriad of new experiences to uncover. However, with those new experiences come risks–it’s unavoidable.

From emergency room visits and doctor appointments to lost bags, delayed flights, and cancelled reservations, students that travel or study abroad have a lot to worry about on top of their already rigorous course load. For students traveling outside of their country of residence, student health and travel insurance can provide peace of mind by covering any potential emergency health or travel expenses.

International health insurance covers a student’s medical care and travel insurance covers the cost of any travel mishaps that students may experience while getting where they need to go.

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Types of Student Insurance

International health insurance provides coverage for medical costs incurred while studying or traveling abroad, including appointments at the doctor, prescriptions, health check-ups, and more. These plans are a great option for students studying abroad for a year or more, since they cover students in the event of an unexpected illness or injury that requires hospitalization or medical treatment. Depending on the plan, it may also provide coverage for preexisting conditions.

Students can also buy travel insurance that includes benefits such as trip cancellation and baggage loss to reduce the risk of losing money on their trip to and from their new country, along with any weekend excursions they plan to take. This type of insurance is a good option for students who will be studying abroad for less than a year, since it primarily covers travel expenses and offers minimal healthcare coverage.

Emergency medical travel insurance provides coverage for unexpected injuries, accidents, life-threatening illness, emergency evacuation, and repatriation of remains. This type of student insurance is a good option for students studying abroad for less than a year who may not need comprehensive healthcare services.

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Reduce Risk While Traveling

From long nights studying to weekend trips to new places, student health and travel insurance helps students reduce their risk by offering coverage for all their health and travel needs. While accidents happen, insurance is protection against risk such as health problems and financial expenses that can leave a student traveler stuck without many options.

For many students, living on a budget is already difficult enough. Save yourself the headache of worrying about how to pay for an unexpected hospital visit or replacing all of your lost or stolen belongings on a trip without adequate insurance coverage.

By obtaining student health and travel insurance that meets your needs while studying abroad, you don’t have to worry about all the “what if” situations that come with living and studying in a new country.

Purchasing student insurance coverage through our top-rated and highly recommended companies means that students (and their parents) have peace of mind that they are protected during their stay at their new home away from home.

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Affordable Insurance for Students

Student health and travel insurance helps students feel protected and secure, allowing them to focus on their studies or travels and not having to worry about what could happen if an injury or illness occurs.

With the already high cost of college and university tuition, school supplies, books, airfare, and other travel expenses, it’s understandable that students and their parents want to save on healthcare costs and other fees.

Luckily, insurance can be tailored to fit individual needs and budget – from basic plans with limited coverage to comprehensive policies with extensive benefits. Students can review the companies and plans to make sure they are getting the coverage that best meets their needs and view the premiums for various plans online.

With student health and travel insurance, students have greater access to quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost – ensuring that they get the care they need when they need it most.

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Health Insurance Plans Catered to Students Abroad

Amid traveling, studying, and exploring new cultures, foods, languages, and customs, it can be easy to forget about visiting a doctor or getting that odd pain or feeling checked out. Too many students are guilty of putting their studies first and neglecting their health–often going months to even years without getting a health checkup.

By getting international health insurance for students, you guarantee that you have a way to look after your health without worrying about how much appointments cost or whether you’ll be able to make an appointment with a doctor back home during the holiday or spring break.

With student health and travel insurance, you can schedule necessary health appointments, get required vaccinations, get reimbursed for any lost luggage or missed flights, and more!

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Obtain Required Policy Documents

Many colleges and universities require proof of student health insurance prior to enrollment.

Additionally, most study abroad programs require students to participate in a student health program or to carry student health insurance while abroad. With so many students coming from around the world, international universities want to ensure the health and safety of all students and relieve themselves of any risk associated with a lack of insurance.

While schools may offer their own insurance programs, they are often expensive and require that students visit specific on-campus health facilities or use limited hospital services nearby.

You may find that your current insurance coverage through your parent’s work, your own work, or the healthcare marketplace does not adequately meet your insurance needs for studying in a foreign country. In many cases your current insurance only covers a basic trip to the emergency room, if that.

International health insurance for students is a great way to get the insurance coverage that you need since it provides students with added flexibility by being able to choose their doctor and healthcare facilities for medical treatment.

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Find Student Health And Travel Insurance

Friendly Global helps you find an insurance plan that meets your coverage needs, so whether you’re traveling to study abroad for a semester or making a new home away from home in a foreign country for your education, you can rest assured that you are covered no matter where you are or what may happen.

Take our convenient quiz to find top-rated companies and discover benefits to guide you in buying a plan that works for you.